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Everglades Imagery Updates

January 12, 2006

One year ago this weekend I moved to Flamingo to start a project that enabled me to follow my passion and share it with you for the past year. This past year has been filled with once in a lifetime experiences, difficult challenges, and incredible memories. I have completed one portion of this project and dove head first into the next. I thought I would take some time to update everyone on my progress and make a few announcements.

After returning to school in August I hit the ground running. I have been working as the photo editor for our weekly campus paper, The Bowdoin Orient, which takes up an enormous amount of time. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of work (see for photos) and has introduced me to a different style of photography. I probably won’t pursue editorial photography much further but I have really enjoyed photographing the numerous sporting events this fall.

I have continued to work on my Everglades project in several ways. For the first few weeks of the semester my advisor and I worked together to outline my book and I have now begun writing. Currently, I envision the book to consist of four photographic essays that will tell the story of the Everglades as I understand and experienced it. I have been doing a lot of writing this semester which has been extremely difficult but rewarding as things begin to come together. I currently have almost completed the essay for the first chapter and will be working on the next three this semester.

Secondly, I have scheduled my spring show and have spent the last three weeks preparing for the show. The exhibition will be hanging the first two weeks of February at Bowdoin College in Brunswick , Maine and will consist of over 100 framed photographs. It has been fascinating to design the show and see how images that I have always looked at singularly begin to work together to form series. I am hoping to find a place to hang the show in the future, particularly in Orlando and South Florida , where more people are able to view the images. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would be interested in hearing from you.

In the meantime, for those of you in Central Florida who are interested in seeing some of my work, I have a small group of images hanging in a restaurant in Orlando . I believe I mentioned this in my last newsletter in August but I don’t believe I ever provided directions. The small restaurant is really a catering business that also serves breakfast and lunch. Stop by and have a great meal and tell Dawn I sent you. Please see below for directions to both the show at Bowdoin College as well as the restaurant in Orlando .

The other big news in my life at the moment is that I graduate in May and then have to figure out what I am doing next year. Currently, I have applied for a Watson Fellowship ( which would place me in Australia next year. The Watson Fellowship is a unique opportunity for graduating students to spend a year pursuing a dream outside of the United States , however bizarre and strange that dream is. I have applied to spend a year photographing Australia ’s endemic birds. Out of the over 700 species of birds regularly seen on the Australian continent, about 325 of those birds are endemic, meaning they are found nowhere else on the planet. If I am awarded the Watson I will be spending the next year chasing these birds around the country trying to photograph as many as possible. The winners are announced on March 16 on the website so I am just waiting until then.

I hope to send these updates more regularly this spring and hope to see some of you at my exhibitions. Take care and have a wonderful 2006.

Show Details

Everglades Imagery:
A sample of photographs of the Florida Everglades

Currently being shown at:
Incredibly Edible Catering and Restaurant
1321 Sligh Blvd
Orlando , FL 32806
(407) 835-7172

Everglades Imagery: Intimate Detail of a Vast Landscape
A photographic study of the Florida Everglades conducted while in residence at Everglades National Park , January through June 2005.

February 4th-February 16, 2006
Visual Arts Center , Bowdoin College , Brunswick , ME
Opening Reception: February 4th, 6:00-8:00pm


Exhibition Poster: