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June 26, 2005

The Experience

This newsletter is coming out quite a bit late and I apologize. The reason for the tardiness is that I am living in the chaos of a moving right now. As of June 26 I have moved back to Orlando for the rest of the summer. This is officially the end of the first phase of my project. Starting in September I will begin combining my images with text to create a book that tells the story of the Everglades from my perspective. I also will be putting together an exhibit of images that will be displayed on campus sometime next spring.

My website will be undergoing a bit of a shift over the next few weeks as it moves away from a journal of my experience and a resource on the Everglades. Look for more articles to appear periodically over the next year while I am working on the book and exhibit. This newsletter will no longer be sent out on a weekly basis. Instead it will be sent out whenever I have an announcement or update on the project. The next announcement should be coming sometime next week as I will be putting up a small group of images in a restaurant in Orlando.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has visited my website and taken an interest in this project. The numerous emails with questions, encouragements, and support have been greatly appreciated. Living alone in a remote area for almost six months can be quite taxing and all of the support helped me to continue when times were tough. While one chapter of this project is ending I am excited about the future of the project and hope that the next year will be just as great as the past six months.

Once again, I owe a big thank you to everyone. This project is better because of everyone’s support and input.