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May 29, 2005

The Experience

This week I have been able to get back into my photography and have really enjoyed it. I have focused mostly on photographing landscapes with my 4x5 camera so I don’t have much to show for it at the moment. Next week I will ship off my film to get processed so I will be able to scan and post some of the images. However, today I spent an hour or so photographing wildflowers near the Long Pine Key area. I was working in one of the surrounding prairies but many of the flowers were common to the rocky pineland habitat. I would have stayed longer but a light wind soon became a problem. The images for this week’s newsletter are all from this morning. I have not been able to identify the first two despite having read through my wildflower book four or five times this evening. After that I have included several more. The last images, a morning glory which I haven’t identified down to the species, are some of my favorite. Enjoy.

The Photos

Unidentified Flower – Long Pine Key, Everglades National Park

Unknown Flowers – Long Pine Key, Everglades National Park

Glades Lobelia – Long Pine Key, Everglades National Park

Wood Sage - Long Pine Key, Everglades National Park

Unknown Morning Glory – Long Pine Key, Everglades National Park