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January 16, 2005

I arrived yesterday in Flamingo to start the next stage of this project.  I am feeling nervous, excited, and overwhelmed.  I am a little overwhelmed with the scope of what I have decided to do and I really have no idea where to start.  These first few weeks I am going to be adjusting to this new part of my life: living on my own, fifty miles from “civilization,” photographing full time, etc.  I have spent the past year or so preparing for this trip so that it will go.

I will be taking the first few weeks here to get myself adjusted and into a routine.  My current plan of attack is to see the Everglades as the National Park Service (NPS) presents it.  I will be hiking and canoeing their trails, going on some of the walks, taking the tram tour at Shark Valley, and other activities that the typical tourist would enjoy.  Once I have seen the Everglades as presented by the NPS I will begin to explore on my own and hopefully start making connections with scientists, researchers, and other people intimately connected to the region.  Please be patient with me as I get my website off the ground and I get comfortable with this new chapter of my life.  I look forward to this journey and I invite you to experience it with me by emailing or writing me or participating in the online forums.